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You can login to Britten’s Info on the top right of the home page by clicking the "login" button and using your login (your email) and password.

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Please email or call 07393 370284. An individual annual subscription is £149 (+VAT)

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Only subscribers may access this site. Please click here for a trial, or see above to subscribe.

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For enquiries regarding multiple subscriptions or a corporate licence, which is more cost effective, please email or call 07393 370284

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Are you still subscribing? Your subscription may have lapsed. To reactivate it please  email If you experience any difficulty or have any queries while using Britten’s info, please contact us at or call 07980 916873

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To renew your subscription, please email or call 07393 370284

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If you would like to notify us of your change of address please email us at:

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Britten’s Info subscribers are welcome to send press releases or information re their company. Please contact the editor:  

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